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Society for Co-operative Studies in Ireland

Ireland has a long and proud co-operative history with great evidence of this co-operative tradition still in existence today. The founder of the co-operative movement Sir Horace Plunkett, and his colleagues worked tirelessly to establish agricultural and credit co-operatives in Ireland and the evidence of this work is still bearing fruit in the agricultural and credit sectors.

Building on this tradition, the Society for Co-operative Studies in Ireland was formed in 1981, the SCSI is a voluntary member-based organisation which aims to promote education and research about co-operatives and co-operative principles. Its membership includes practitioners and academics.

Patrick Doyle

Communications Officer: Patrick is a historian of modern Ireland with a specialised focus on the co-operative movement. His latest book is "Civilising Rural Ireland: The Irish Co-operative Movement, Development and the Nation-State 1889-1939

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